About us

Dentland: " Your life of the day Your life Your adventure Your love Your health smile in every moment"

Dentland, with its modern service concept, reliable and quality dental health services, is an organization that always prioritizes patient satisfaction and continues to work in this direction. By using the latest technologies of modern medicine, it offers its patients the most effective and comfortable treatment experience and aims to provide a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dentland offers an individual and attentive treatment approach to its patients with its dynamic and expert physician staff. Physicians who understand the needs of patients and determine the most appropriate treatment plan for them, prioritize the satisfaction and health of patients at every step.

The clinic offers services in a contemporary and hygienic environment. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, the clinic offers its patients a seamless treatment experience. It also takes a meticulous approach to sterilization and hygiene, keeping patients’ health at the highest level.

Dentland, Teeth whitening, aesthetic filling applications, implant surgery, tooth extraction, braces treatment and many other areas, meeting every need of patients. Each treatment is customized according to the patient’s priorities and needs, so that the most effective results are achieved.

Dentland always prioritizes patient satisfaction and continues to work in this direction. It aims to give its patients a healthy and beautiful smile with its reliable, affordable and quality service understanding. Because Dentland “wants you to smile every moment of your life”

Our mission

Dentland, protective and preventive dentistry by prioritizing all treatment alternatives patient with a reliable, transparent and patient-oriented approach by planning in accordance with their expectations and budget, and by having specialist physicians who love and care for their profession and who follow scientific studies and technology related to dentistry; oral and dental health provides services in the field.

Our vision

By following scientific and technological developments with its distinguished staff without compromising ethical principles; to be a world brand in health by applying the most advanced dental treatments with a service concept focused on patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction and with international quality standards.

Why Us?

Our difference, our point of view; We ensure that every person achieves life-changing smiles and seeing the moment they start a new life is our greatest achievement.

International Health Tourism Authorization certificate

Within the scope of the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health, it has been entitled to engage in International Health Tourism Activities by complying with the International Health Tourism Health Facility Competency Criteria and the general principles of the Regulation.