All On Six Implant

All on Six Technique for Implants: An Innovative Solution for Strong and Natural Smiles

Implants offer a highly effective and permanent solution to solve the problem of loss of teeth. While traditional implant treatments are performed individually for each tooth, the All on Six technique is an innovative approach that allows a full set of upper or lower teeth to be fixed using just six implants. This method is an ideal solution to offer patients a natural and aesthetic smile, especially in cases of complete edentulism.

What is the All on Six Technique?

All on Six technique, as the name suggests, allows six implants to be placed in one jaw to support a fixed set of teeth. This method is based on the placement of implants into the jawbone and then a dental bridge is placed over them. In this way, it is possible for patients to achieve a natural and aesthetic smile while replacing their missing teeth.

What are the Advantages of the All on Six Technique?

Fast and Effective Solution: The All on Six technique is ideal for solving the problem of toothlessness quickly. The use of fewer implants compared to other traditional implant treatments allows the treatment to be completed in less time.

Natural Look and Comfort: The use of six implants provides a strong anchoring of the dental team and provides patients with a look and feel similar to natural teeth. This makes patients feel more comfortable and safe.

Easy Care and Cleaning: All on Six implants are easy to maintain and clean as they form a fixed set of teeth. It causes fewer problems and requires less maintenance than traditional movable dentures.

Preventing Bone Loss: The use of six implants allows for better support of the jawbone. This prevents bone loss and helps maintain facial contours.

Where is the All on Six Technique Applied in Implants?

Implants are a procedure performed by a specialized dentist. The All on Six technique is also applied by specialized dentists. In our clinic, implant applications are performed with the All on Six technique by an experienced and specialized team. We use the latest technologies and methods to help our patients achieve natural and healthy smiles.

The All on Six technique offers a powerful, effective and aesthetic solution to solve the problem of toothlessness. This innovative approach provides patients with a natural smile and comfort while preserving the health of the jawbone. If you are experiencing toothlessness or have missing teeth, you can contact us for more information about the All on Six technique and to schedule an appointment.