What causes loose teeth? How to treat it?

Causes and Treatment of Wobbly Teeth

Wobbly teeth can often be a sign of a serious dental health problem and should not be neglected. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors and should be addressed with the right treatment. So what causes loose teeth and how to treat them? Here is what you need to know about it.

1. Gum Diseases

Gum disease is one of the most common causes of loose teeth. Gingivitis or gum conditions such as periodontitis can cause the gums to recede and weaken the supporting tissues of the tooth, which can lead to tooth wobbling.

2. Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to weaken and other teeth to wobble. The gap can affect the stability of the teeth and over time can lead to shifting of other teeth.

3. Trauma or Injury

Trauma or injury can cause damage to the root of the tooth or damage to the jawbone. In this case, loose teeth is a common symptom.

Treatment of loose teeth

Treatment for loose teeth can vary depending on the underlying causes. Treatment usually involves the following steps:

Professional Teeth Cleaning and Gum Treatment: Treatment of gum disease restores the health of the gums and strengthens the supporting tissues of the tooth.

Dental Implants or Bridges: In case of tooth loss, implants or bridges can be used to replace the missing tooth. This can help treat loose teeth by increasing the stability of other teeth.

Ortodontik Tedaviler: Dişlerin uygun konumda olması için ortodontik tedaviler gerekebilir. This can help stabilize loose teeth by ensuring that the teeth are aligned correctly.

Wobbly teeth are a serious dental health problem and should not be neglected. With the right treatment, it is possible to cure loose teeth by addressing the underlying causes and appropriate dental procedures. If you have loose teeth, you can make an appointment for a free examination and treatment planning by contacting us.